With the aim of increasing the number of visitors to Brussels, the Belgian Tourist Office had a stroke of genius and decided to take a gamble on attracting more gay tourism. As many of you already know, Belgium is one of the European countries with the most progressive laws in the world. That is why we at Rainbow Translations think that the gamble will pay off.

The campaign focuses on highlighting Brussels as one of the most cosmopolitan and tolerant cities for the LGBT community. A fun city, that is full of life, where Saint-Jacques stands out as one of the most open and liberal districts. The neighbourhood is similar to Chueca in Madrid and has plenty of bars and restaurants that are perfect if you want to have a good time.

Also, throughout the year, Brussels hosts two of the most important events in the world LGBT calendar:  Gay Pride, which takes place in May and which last year attracted more than 100,000 people, and the three-day La Demence festival.

So, a city like Brussels, full of partying, dancing and colour, is fast becoming an unmissable destination for the LGBT crowd.

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