This means oral, as opposed to written, translation. It is very useful in business meetings and on trips, and during conferences, congresses, negotiations, video conferences, trade fairs, phone calls and events of all kinds.

We handle all kinds of interpreting. Just choose the type best suited to your event, audience and speaker:

  1. Simultaneous. This is ideal for conferences, courses, congresses and seminars where the audience members speak different languages. In this type of interpreting, the listener hears the oral translation via headphones while the speaker talks.
  2. Consecutive. This is the type most recommendable when no technical aids are available, as it involves the interpreter taking notes while the speaker talks, before translating the content at brief intervals. Consecutive interpreters need to be able to write notes quickly and accurately, or take down shorthand, while listening to the speaker .
  3. Whispering. The technical name for this is chouchoutage. Here, the interpreter whispers the translation of the speech to the listener. This is perfect for small groups and at trade fairs, art exhibitions, business talks and in leisure time.

Do you need to go to another country with an interpreter, not just for business meetings or congresses, but to get around the city without coming up against language barriers? Don’t panic—we can arrange for a native, bilingual interpreter to accompany you.


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