At Rainbow Translations we translate into writing what people hear in another language. If you need to add subtitles to a movie or a video in its original version (subtitling) or you want us to put the words of a recorded voice into writing (transcription), you can count on us.

If you are translating into subtitles, you need to remember that the text is going to be read in the short time that the images are on-screen and the voices are being heard. This requires great skill and a lot of expertise from the subtitler to summarize the content. It is a specialized area of translation that requires specific knowledge. Our translators have extensive experience in this industry.

Transcription, for its part, also poses special difficulties. This is used for recorded talks, interviews and classes, with the resulting problems of noise and poor recording quality. It is therefore important that the translator has in-depth knowledge of the subject being dealt with to avoid inaccuracies and mistakes in the final text.

Leave your transcriptions in our hands, no matter how complicated they are. We are experts at translating texts of a technical nature and about new technologies, as well as medicine, psychology and marketing. We also specialize in content about culture, art, tourism, film, television and advertising.

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