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Mission Statement

“Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence”

George Steiner

Communication has become a global phenomenon that affects every continent, nation, city and town in the world. We love to be constantly connected to other people, regardless of their nationality, race, language, sexual orientation or religion… And that’s truly amazing.

We are aware that new ideas appear and humanity evolves. That’s why at Rainbow Translations we want to offer you the possibility to get along with whomever you want, to love whomever you want and to speak whatever language you speak. We want to help you, small or large hotel owner, so whatever your guests read on your website is inclusive; to support you, small business owner, so that you can take advantage of the experience and awareness our team members have with the LGBTQ community when you need to communicate; to advise you, new startup, so that your marketing texts are just as attractive in any language; make you smile, nonprofit organisation, when you read the congratulatory letter that they sent you…

Without a doubt, we want to know your ideas and help you with your project. Below we will explain everything Rainbow Translations can do for you:

  • We professionally translate your documents (websites, letters, pamphlets…) from the language and to the language you need so your idea can go as far as possible. Our team of translators at Rainbow Translations is specialised in a wide variety of areas: tourism, art, marketing, new technologies, etc.: precision is a cornerstone of our identity.
  • We will take care of successfully interpreting your business meetings and conferences in any city for however long you need. We will also accompany foreign visitors during their sightseeing tours so they can take advantage of everything the city has to offer through our citymate service.
  • We will also take care of correcting and revising your texts, since our job is to make your message clear and precise so it does what it was written to do. This quality control allows us to make sure our translations are impeccable when they get back to you.

But that’s not all: in this blog, we will analyse the main topics related to current events in language and society, provide you with tools and strategies to make inclusive texts and cover aspects related to the LGBTQ world. Finally, we encourage you to send us your questions, suggestions and proposals so we can grow together every day.

You can’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Rainbow Translations team

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